Defining the fun of Card Magic

Hire a close-up magician
Hire a talented close-up magician for your event or Halloween party 90 minutes – $200

Interactive Close-up Magic ~ Magical Entertainment is fun and memorably mysterious.
Interactive is the word and you are the essential element. Without an audience, the magic simply doesn’t happen. In my style of Card Magic, you’re not just picking a card and then watching. Your participation is vital to the successful completion of the effect. That means you might select four cards and discover they are the four Aces. That means I’ll ask you to say a magic word that causes your card to invisibly jump from there to here. That means you will be amazed by what you can do. My act includes a fun variety magical happenings. When you are integral to the show, what you do and say affects the conversation and the outcome.

For me, audience participation is the essential ingredient for making spectators feel special and wonderful and delighted, which for me is really the point of all this.

Close-up magic ~
Things you can’t explain happen right in front of you, sometimes in your own hands. You physically touch and hold and mix and then deal the cards, and somehow you say stop at exactly the right one; there are no camera tricks or hidden mirrors or editing. This is live and tangible.

Entertainment ~
​The show is fun and memorably mysterious. You and I and the cards are having a great time together as you successfully surprise yourself and everyone who’s watching. The simplicity, familiarity, and “playing” that are innate to my tools — playing cards — let us focus on the joy of the moment

Hire a costumed magician. Magicians can dress up as Party Characters
Hire a costumed magician. Magicians can dress up as Party Characters. 90 minutes – $200 with balloon twisting